Emergency Management

The City of La Grange Emergency Management Office coordinates emergency response in our area with other local government agencies to provide the earliest warnings and response time as possible for the citizens of La Grange.

Emergency Management Coordinator:
Travis Anderson
243 South College
La Grange, TX  78945
Office Phone: (979) 968-5806

Keeping La Grange Prepared
We conduct programs and activities designed to provide our customers, internal and external, with the ability to prepare for, cope with, and recover from the effects of disasters. This is achieved through information and resource exchange, working with the public and private sectors, and all levels of government through the utilization of modern technology.    
La Grange is exposed to many hazards which have the potential for disrupting the community, causing damage, and creating casualties. Natural hazards include hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and severe storms. As a major manufacturing and distribution center, La Grange also faces the threat of hazardous material accidents involving the transportation, manufacture, and storage of chemicals on the highways and in the City's industrial areas.    
Emergency Management Plan
To address these potential threats, the Emergency Management Division publishes the City's emergency management plan. This plan provides the framework upon which the City prepares for, responds to, and performs its emergency response functions during times of natural or man-made disasters or national emergencies.
    The plan is based on the four phases of Emergency Management which are:
  • Mitigation - Those activities which eliminate or reduce the probability of disaster        
  • Preparedness - Those activities which governments, organizations, and individuals develop to save lives and minimize damage        
  • Response - Those actions to minimize loss of life and property damage and provide emergency assistance        
  • Recovery - Those short- and long-term activities which restore city operations and help return the community to a normal state