Operation Identification

Going hand-in-hand with security measures is the Operation Identification program. Operation Identification is a crime prevention program specifically designed to discourage theft and provide a means of easy identification of stolen or lost property by marking your valuables. Taking part in this program is another way you can take action to prevent crime. 

Have you ever wondered what happens to property that is seized or recovered by the police? In many cases it is destroyed or auctioned, simply because it cannot be traced to the proper owners. In cases of property seized by police from suspected offenders, criminal charges cannot be laid if the property is not positively identified as belonging to someone else

Proper identification makes it easier for the police to return personal property, as well as assisting them in making a case in criminal court. Engraving the last four digits of your Social Security Number or Driver's License Number on valuables identifies them as uniquely yours.

Although Operation Identification does not guarantee your valuables will not be stolen, it does make articles more difficult for the criminal to dispose of because they can be easily traced. Contact the La Grange Police Department at 979-968-5806 for more details.