The La Grange Police Department is active in promoting several programs in the community:

Citizens Police Academy

The La Grange Police Department is currently taking applications for the next Citizens Police Academy Course. The course is a window into the operations of the La Grange Police Department for citizens who are interested in how their police department serves their community. The course includes information on state laws, local ordinances, police procedures, special units, court systems and proceedings, and the cooperative efforts with other city departments. Click here to learn more.

Operation Identification

Going hand-in-hand with security measures is the Operation Identification program. Operation Identification is a crime prevention program specifically designed to discourage theft and provide a means of easy identification of stolen or lost property by marking your valuables. Taking part in this program is another way you can take action to prevent crime. Click here to learn more.

Volunteer Chaplain Program

The La Grange Police Department has developed a chaplain program for police employees and their families. With the implementation of community policing, we at the La Grange Police Department also saw a need to develop a better partnership between the police department and our faith community. Click here to learn more.

Other Community Services Programs

Click here to learn more about our other community services programs, including:

  • Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Homeowners insurance reduction inspections
  • Security surveys (business and residential)
  • Speakers (businesses, schools, non-profit and service organizations)
  • Safety programs for schools, churches, service organizations
  • Women's shelters
If you have any questions or to schedule a program please contact the La Grange Police Department at 979-968-5806.