Values and Mission


As a values-based organization, all employees worked together to establish a list of values upon which we could agree and pledge to uphold at all times.

Our approach at LGPD is to assist our team members in doing the right thing for the right reasons. We are confident that as we work to ensure that proper motives and priorities are employed, we will become the best agency possible.

Our Values

Incorporated into our oath of office:

  • Integrity
    • I will always maintain my personal integrity in all that I do, at work and at home;
  • Excellence
    • I will always pursue excellence for myself and the La Grange Police Department;
  • Fairness
    • I will always treat all persons fairly;
  • Pride
    • I will take pride in myself, my department and my profession and shall always maintain their honor;
  • Honesty
    • I will always be honest; honest to myself, to my supervisors and to the public;
  • Service
    • I will always endeavor to provide the highest level of service;
  • Compassion
    • I will always be compassionate;
  • Innovation
    • I will always endeavor to be innovative, looking for new and better ways to do things.
Our Mission

It is the mission of the La Grange Police Department to provide the highest level of proactive and responsive service to the City of La Grange in partnership with neighborhoods and the entire community. We shall endeavor to detect and solve problems to thereby afford the citizens of La Grange the highest quality of life possible. This service shall be provided with honor, integrity and pride.

Our Motto

Honor * Integrity * Pride