Volunteer Chaplain Program

The La Grange Police Department has developoed a chaplain program for police employees and their families. With the implementation of community policing, we at the La Grange Police Department also saw a need to develop a better partnership between the police department and our faith community.

Our goal at the La Grange Police Department is to offer a unique resource for officers and non-sworn personnel: the opportunity to interact closely with our community's clergy. We also hope that the development of this program will foster a link between our employees, local congregations, and residents in our community. The Department will provide an extensive training program that will prepare chaplains to serve in this role. It is our hope that police chaplains will become a vital part of our department by participating in a variety of activities and events such as:
  • Visiting our department and participating in ride-alongs;
  • Assisting officers and employees in crisis situations;
  • Conducting invocations at awards/retirement ceremonies or other appropriate events;
  • Providing input to the Department on community problems, needs, concerns, and interests as learned from the community.
Additionally, Chaplains may be requested to:
  • Provide spiritual, personal, or family counseling and be available to employees in traumatic situations;
  • Visit sick or injured employees in hospitals;
  • Preside at weddings, funerals, or other religious events.
The La Grange Police Department is interested in including representatives of all faiths from across our community. We welcome all legitimate clergy who are interested in serving our community as a chaplain and strongly encourage representatives from our African American and Hispanic congregations to participate. As with any program, there are some limitations: the chaplain program is not to be used for personal interest, as a replacement for a police employee's clergy, or as a forum for proselytization.