Community Meeting Room

*The meeting room is currently unavailable due to COVID-19. 

The purpose of the Fayette Public Library Meeting Room is to meet the general informational, educational, cultural and civic needs of the community by providing a location for publicly accessible meetings for citizens and non-profit groups engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, civic, or charitable activities.

The conference room is not available for social events or private parties such as wedding receptions and birthday parties, money-raising events (library fundraisers excepted), religious activities, commercial endeavors, or meetings that are for a group or individual’s monetary benefit, e.g., investment clubs.

No admission fee may be charged for any meeting. No collection may be taken before, during or after the meeting as a requirement for attendance. No organization can use the conference room if a registration or tuition fee is required of those attending.

The maximum occupancy of the conference room is 67 people and meetings held classroom style will be limited to 30 people. The room has a serving bar and sink, microwave oven, Keurig coffee maker, and a small refrigerator. The library does have a projector available upon request.

To reserve the Meeting Room, please contact Sandra Briones at 979-968-3765.