How do I get a library card?
Getting a library card is easy and free! Any person in Fayette County may apply for a library card. Visit the library front desk and simply ask to apply for a library card. You will need proof of residence in Fayette County. Proof of residence could be your government issued ID, utility bill, school ID, or mail addressed to you at a Fayette County address.

What happens if I lose my library card?
If you cannot locate your library card, please visit our front desk with a form of identification and we will create a new card for you.

How do I log into my library account?
You can access the library catalog here. In the upper right hand corner, you will see a log on button. Click on the log on button and then enter your library card number as your username and password. If you have the letter P on your library card do not enter it. Only use the numeric value. If you have any
trouble accessing your account, please contact us at 979-968-3765.

Can I renew my materials online?
Yes! If your items are eligible for renewal, you can renew them online by logging into your account. You can also call the library at 979-968-3765 to renew
your materials. If another patron has placed a hold on a material you currently have checked out it will not be eligible for renewal.

How much are late fees?
For library materials, late fees are $0.05 per day (maximum of $5.00 per item). The library does offer fine forgiveness every September and in June and July, children do not accumulate fines. For more information and eligibility, please contact the library at 979-968-3765.

Do you offer faxing services?
The library does not offer faxing services. We do have the ability to scan a document to an e-mail address but cannot fax. Scanning to an e-mail address is free.

How much does it cost to print at the library?
Making copies or printing cost .25 per page.

Where is the Fayette Heritage Museum & Archives?
The Museum & Archives is located on the second floor of the facility. An elevator is available to access the second floor.