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We emphasize Fayette County books on our gift shop shelves, but other titles are also available, including a large collection of used books. If you have any questions about a book or the total cost, including tax and shipping, please email the Fayette Heritage Museum & Archives at or phone 979-968-3765.

The Bridge
Written by Gene L. Freudenberg. Softcover. 56 pages. $15

Captain J. A. Brooks, Texas Ranger
A biography of the Ranger, state legislator, and judge by Paul N. Spellman. Hardcover. 272 pages. Autographed. $20

Captain John H. Rogers, Texas Ranger
Paul N. Spellman's biography of one of the legendary "Four Captains" of the Ranger force, who helped make the transition from Frontier Battalion days into the twentieth century. Softcover. 269 pages. Autographed. $20.

Chronicles of Fayette
Early history of Fayette County written by Julia Lee Sinks in 1875, printed in 1975. 145 pages. Softcover. $15

An Early History of Fayette County
Written by Leonie Rummel Weyand and Houston Wade in 1936, reprinted. Hardcover, $20

Fayette County Her History and Her People
A remarkable achievement, packed with useful information, though not indexed, written by Frank Lotto in 1902. 424 pages. Softcover. $15

Fayette County Past & Present
History of Fayette County written by La Grange students in 1975. 473 pages. Softcover. $15

Flatonia - Images of America
By Judy Steinhauser Pate. Archival photographs present the history of the town and nearby communities. 128 pages. Softcover. Autographed. $24

The Kreisches of Fayette County
Charles Hebert’s biography of this German-Texan family whose home became the Kreische Brewery State Historic Site. Softcover. 181 pages. Autographed. $25

Kunze Up Front!
Otto R. Kunze gives a private's perceptions of the infantry in World War II from the bottom up. Softcover. 266 pages. Autographed. $25

La Grange -- Images of America
Pictorial history of La Grange, Texas written by Marie W. Watts. 128 pages. Softcover. $20

Ladies' Cemetery Association, La Grange, Texas
A 1973 reprint of a history of the La Grange Cemeteries first published in 1910, including original photographs, an updated list of association officers, and a brief synopsis of what had occurred in the years since 1910. Softcover. 40 pages. $5

Lafayette in America in 1824 and 1825
Alan Hoffman's translation of a journal written by Auguste Levasseur, private scretary to General Lafayette during his farewell tour of the United States. Hardcover. 604 pages. Autographed. $30

Man of Two Worlds - A German Family Confronts the American Dream
Ray Grasshoff uses their correspondence to tell the story of Wilhelm F. Kempe and his sister, Auguste, who left their father and siblings behind in Europe in 1854 for a new home in Texas. Softcover. 106 pages. $12.

Nassau Plantation
The evolution of a Texas German slave plantation, written by James C. Kearney. Softcover. 353 pages. Autographed. $25

Old 300
Paul N. Spellman’s account of the first settlers in Austin’s Colony. Softcover. 440 pages. Autographed. $20

Postcard History Series: Fayette County
Written by Jon Todd “J.T.” Koening. 128 pages. Softcover. $22

Private William Guehrs
Waldeck Cemetery, Dedicated April 13, 2002, the confederate Hero of Waldeck (formerly known as Long Prairie). Booklet issued April 13, 2002. 28 pages.
Softcover. $5

Fayette County Courthouse
Booklet issued in 2005 to commemorate the multi-million dollar restoration of the 1891 structure. 28 pages. Softcover. $5

Same Moon Same Stars
The life of Renate Mecherauch Meiners, written by Elaine Thomas. Softcover. 166 pages. $15

The Texas Bluebonnet
Jean Andrews' 1986 classic about Texas' state flower. Hardcover, with color illustrations. 64 pages. $20.

Thanks for the Memories - Frank’s Restaurant,1929-2017
Elaine Thomas’ scrapbook-style history of Schulenburg’s longtime restaurant with notes from nostalgic customers. 131 pages. Softcover. $9

The von Rosenberg Family of Texas
The civil war years written by Ann Barnes with Billye Beth Baker. 88 pages. Softcover. $20

Until I Come Home - Love Letters from the War, 1918-1919
Paul N. Spellman's uses the love letters of Roscoe and Vera Diamond Chittim to tell their story. Softcover. 193 pages. Autographed. $20

World War II Veterans’ Voices and Home Front Memories
Elaine Thomas’s profiles of 62 Fayette County veterans and local women who were on the home front during the war years. 303 pages. Softcover. $24