Recent Exhibits

Reference materials related to most of the past exhibits are available upon request.

Fayette County in the Great War

World War I uniforms, helmets, tools, correspondence, post cards and numerous photographs demonstrated Fayette County’s contributions to World War I. A loose-leaf binder in the Archives documents each of Fayette County’s war casualties.

Zwiener & Rabensburg, Dealers in Saddles, Harness & Vehicles
Neale Rabensburg donated or loaned photographs and many of the artifacts used by his grandfather, Newton Rabensburg, and John Zwiener as their Colorado Street business in La Grange transitioned from horse-drawn buggies to automobiles.

La Grange’s 1867 Yellow Fever Epidemic

A timeline and biographies of many of those who perished illustrated the tragedy that took up to 20 percent of La Grange’s population in the fall of 1867. This exhibit is still available for viewing in notebook form.

La Grange Advertising Memorabilia

Bob Heinsohn loaned his personal collection of bottles, plates, mugs, ash trays, thermometers, yardsticks, and other every day items advertising local businesses.

Fayette County Schools

Letter jackets, band uniforms and instruments, yearbooks, report cards, scrapbooks, school desks, and numerous photos told the history of town and country schools.

Fayette County Weddings

Wedding dresses, invitations, china, shadow boxes, decorative certificates and numerous wedding photographs from the 1880s to the 1950s ornamented our exhibit space.

Quilts in Winter

Quilts from our collection, as well as loans, paired up with wintry scenes and our collection of outerwear, furs, and hats.

Boy & Girl Scouts

Uniforms, badges, handbooks and photographs documented scouting through the twentieth century.

The Texas Liberator - Witness to the Holocaust
We were pleased to be able to host this traveling exhibit from the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission.